View Full Version : Wolverine! Anything and everything Wolverine related, post it up here Bub!!

06-08-2012, 04:56 AM
Taking a line from my favourite thread over on the RPF, I thought we could have a thread dedicated to anything Wolverine!! Jackets, movies, comics, anything and everything related to Logan goes here! Post em' up! Put em' down!

Anything goes as long as it's related to the best damned superhero out there...Wolverine!!

As an aside, does anyone else here have the same passion I do for Wolverine's jackets in the various X-films? I own a Logans Closet X-1 and a Wested X-0, both great jackets...And wondered if anyone had any others they'd like to highlight here?

Also, if anyone is interested, and missed it over on RPF, there's a guy called MaraJade'sFather there selling his copy of the Wolverine dog-tags from the first few movies, and they are stunningly accurate..If people want to see how they came out let me know, I'll post photos of the ones I got (two sets, new and used now..)

Let me know! Wolverine talk Bub!! Anything goes!

06-09-2012, 01:51 PM
This is the tag that MaraJade'sFather made and is selling over on the RPF...Mine has been worn in through wear, and a small trick with a lighter and repeated burning and cleaning, but wearing it gets the best effect and it's not been so long...


And this is the buckle I got from Wade Egan, along with the Wolverine X-0 belt he made for me...Stunning work as always..And the buckle is lovely...Although it needs to be painted up yourself....

Great fun though..

http://i1185.photobucket.com/albums/z358/fifthchamber/64622_10151394894755721_563205720_23319568_8817457 96_n.jpg