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06-08-2012, 04:50 AM
Okay! Since I just managed to get round to seeing this, what do people think about Avengers? As good as I thought it was? Having seen all the Marvel/D.C. movies thus far, I have to admit, the Avengers has pretty much everything I was looking for in a superhero movie....There wasn't much missing.....

The premise was a little vague...But it was straight out of the comics, so why not? That worked...The antagonism at first was lovely to see as Iron Man, Cap and Hulk all flexed to work out what role they'd get, and the final battle was one of the best I've seen...I have to put it up there as one of the most fun to watch movies I've seen, and definitely one of the best superhero movies...

The Hulk was brilliant....I'd been sad that Norton wouldn't be back, since he really did a great job as the Hulk second time around, but Ruffalo played it perfectly..Quiet, intelligent, and threatening when needed...A decent work into a complex character....Cap was great as the rule follower and soldier, and Thor really worked.....Iron Man I've always liked, and he's always great.....Downey earns a lot of respect from me for making me like Iron Man in the first place....

What do people think? As good as you'd have liked? What could have been added? Sound off!!

06-08-2012, 05:03 AM
Incidentally, if anyone else here is (like me) in a country that hasn't been wise enough to actually GET Avengers on screen yet (waiting....August 16th or so is the release date here....), please feel free to yell about it here...

It sucks being in a country that has deemed it fine to wait until 3 months after the rest of the world to see a film that has already smashed records everywhere else....I would agree that most Japanese won't be familiar with Thanos...But they know Thor (well received here), know Cap (modestly popular), loved Iron Man, and they like Hulk (again, well received)...So what gives? And more to the point, why do I have an August that has back to back releases of Avengers, Spiderman, Total Recall, and Prometheus to look forward to? (At 3000 yen a turn....About 30 US dollars a time, more for 3D)...

All that on top of a mate getting married (In Japan you pay to go to the wedding..So that'll be about 30,000 yen for turning up..), means that my August money is gone.....Movies and a wedding....LOL..

I'm sorry..Felt the need to yell about it.. :hairguy:

06-08-2012, 07:54 AM
Joss Whedon has been responsible for two of my favourite shows; Firefly and Buffy (the latter being almost singlehandedly responsible for getting girls into comic book shops and ensuring that the shops didn't smell quite so bad as before). I'm sure therefore that it's a good movie. My problem is that I just can't get excited by superhero movies. Even the best of them leave me rather underwhelmed (spiderman 2 and ironman are probably my two favourites).

06-08-2012, 10:29 AM
Oh, I dunno...I'd say that both Holmes and Poirot are somewhat closer to "superhero" than they might themselves have liked? ;D Batman uses Holmes' methods repeatedly....And Penguin looks rather similar to Poirot in some lights! (Apologies to Hercule!)

What about the Batman series? Christopher Nolan's set? They're honestly not so heavy on the "hero" side of things...Might be a good pull in for someone like yourself? More interested in history and storyline kind of people? I'd recommend the two Batman's..For what it's worth....

I'm a comic book fan...Always have been I guess....Love them...And I'd be prepared to argue about the quality of the storyline on most of the more recent movies to have come out...Except Green Lantern...Where I'm sorry, he's on his own....

Oh, and Daredevil....And Electra...Oh, and The Punisher...And The Spirit (which sucked! It had SUCH a chance!! How'd they do that!??)..

No worries..I won't try to convert you...I think Indiana Jones is close enough anyway....Good choice there...And 300 was written by Frank Miller, so you're not a million miles off the "love" anyway eh! :toast:

06-08-2012, 10:48 AM
I suppose I was never really into American comics as a kid. I really liked 2000AD and that grittier British stuff. I quite liked spiderman because of the cartoon show that was on in the 70s and I thought Sam Riami did a good job on the first two films in particular. Batman? Never floated my boat in any form I'm afraid :(

This goes to show what I was trying to say in an earlier thread. We all of us here connect with Indy from a different direction. There are you guys who do so through the action hero/ superhero angle and people like me who connect through the period aspects - I like the 1930s (another reason why CS did nothing for me). It's all good

Indiana Bugs
06-08-2012, 01:16 PM
I thought The Avengers was phenomenal. I'm generally not a fan of the group-o-superhero movies, but this was about as perfect as they come. Action, humor, actual character(!). The effects were what they needed to be, and because it was a live comic book, it was not objectionable as the CG is in KotCS because IJ is supposed to be more real-life-like. Trucks driving near the edges of cliffs is realisitic. Good filming techniques can make this type of sequence exciting and suspenseful. Heck, Spielberg did it in Duel and Raiders without the aid of computers. Why not in CS? Armies of aliens descending from a hole in the sky is not real. CGI is perfect for that.

I remember old superhero movies such as the original Superman series with Christopher Reeve. No computers. Lots of angle-matched blue screen and other tricks made that movie a hit in its time.

It was a different era in movie-making. Paces were slower. We loved it but it wasn't what I imagined the pacing was a I read a comic book. As I read superhero comics, my mind's eye filled inthe blanks regarding action and pacing. Computer graphics have finally filled in those blanks that earlier movies couldn't, and The Avengers has done it better than any so far.

06-09-2012, 06:20 AM
DJD, yeah....To be honest, they're not so easy to pick up if you're not a fan of the books already... Although it's possible now since the movies are actually being made well enough to let a fresh audience into the whole thing without feeling left out...They do it while also satisfying those of us who have always followed the books, which makes the film feel like a far better one that they used to.....

Interestingly, I'm into Indiana Jones for the same reason as you...I love the era...The films of the 30's and 40's were what I grew up on, and then the mobster movies as well, so the whole "hat and suit" thing is and always has been a love of mine...Indiana Jones is less of a superhero and more of a brawler, I fell into it for the history, the cool stories, and the look....

However, I've also always loved the comic books....I draw, and I have always loved seeing great artwork done well...From Frank Miller to Jim Lee, art like that will always wake me up and pull me in....And the stories they use now (both in the films and the books) are "adult" enough and intelligent enough to stand alone I think...If you have any thought about trying to find a decent comic book to read, I'd recommend Batman "Hush" by Jim Lee.....The art is stunning...And Paul Dini really nailed a great storyline too...Well worth the time in to read it I think...
If you haven't already seen it, "300" by Frank Miller is also great...The movie is the same, of course...But the original comic book is one I have a feeling you'd enjoy...No matter the liberties taken with the "real" events...It's a great read...

Bugs, agreed....Avengers is one of the best I've seen....The original Spiderman was stunning too...And X-Men (for me), and they've gradually been moving in an upward motion towards great stories and backing with effects that ARE what we can see in the books...As well as the embracing of the idea that actually, comics appeal for the same reason films do, and in order to get audiences for films, all you really need to do is to stick close to what they love from the comics...Since it's all the same thing! I love that....

I'd say out of the current bunch, the two Nolan Batman's (and soon the third), Avengers, Iron Man (1, less so 2), and the X-Men series are the best so far....Captain America was great too...Far better than I'd hoped for....And the second Hulk was fun...But they've certainly come a long way from the 80's Spiderman I loved as a kid...

Sadly, D.C. REALLY need to work out what they're lacking...Marvel having their own studio means it's easier for them to control the product, and link it all with skill..But D.C. haven't put that much energy in, and if their characters hit in the films, it's usually up to a good director rather than the storyline.....Superman, the original series was great, and the first Burton Batman too....But since then, most of DC's characters haven't been really worthy of watching...Up to Nolan picking up Batman...

But let's face it, Batman will ALWAYS work...As long as he ain't got Robin, or nipples on the Batsuit....LOL

06-09-2012, 01:20 PM
Marvel really seems to "get" the big screen superhero movie. The Avengers is a perfect example. Solid characters matched up with a good story produced a really good movie. I watched it a second time and I was thinking how that movie could have easily veered off track (ala Green Lantern) but never did. Good humor segments but nothing ever drifted into camp, for example.

Other than the Batman franchise (I'm really looking forward to the third installment), DC either can't get the movie made (Wonder Woman--as an aside Whedon was attached to this for a while. After Avengers, does anyone doubt he can deliver a good superhero movie?) or boggle the delivery ala Green Lantern. Can you imagine DC try to pull off a Justice League movie?

It's weird too because they produce some really good animated features. Maybe they should just let Bruce Timm and company have a go at a live action movie.

And a little off topic, DJD, I'm a fan of Indy's era too. Dynamite Comics is publishing a Shadow series and a Spider series so they might be worth you checking out. I've not read either yet so I can't comment on quality.

06-09-2012, 01:56 PM
I think the topic here is still rather open, so chatting about anything seems reasonable to me, as long as it's got superheroes there somewhere...Heh...Besides, no one else is! It's all good with me... ;)

I think Marvel made a great choice in the formation of their own studio to deal with the movies about their characters...D.C. has nothing like it, and so has to rely upon directors "getting" the character, which is ALWAYS open to interpretation, the directors own personality (ala Burton's Batman, although it worked great then..), and the misuse of characters left, right and centre...It's a real shame, since D.C. done well could really come good......Superman has SO much more possibility...And instead we get Superman with a kid? Hunh? Ah well......I think Marvel made the wise choice in owning their own products and making their own movies....And that's meant the movies they make are MUCH closer to the stories told in the books...


06-10-2012, 08:41 AM
This movie was great, and I knew Scarlett Johanssen was going to be as cute as always, but I wasn't expecting a highlight to be...


Never did anything for me in the TV show, but in black catsuit... fantastic.

Indiana Bugs
06-10-2012, 04:10 PM
I also thought she was rather adorable.

06-15-2012, 02:52 AM
Apparently there's talk of Whedon re-releasing a version at about 3 hours instead of the 2.5 one out now....Sometime before the film's released on Blu Ray they might bring it back out at the "full" version he'd considered before choosing to reduce it by several scenes...

I'd probably go watch that too...I enjoyed the film so much that even at 2 and some hours, I felt it was still too short....

However, by the time it comes out here, they may as well just show the longer version anyway...It'll be at about the same time as the "extended" version comes out in the U.S. anyway!

Ah well...At least I won't have to wait long before being able to buy it on Blu Ray..There is that..