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06-02-2012, 06:47 PM
Just as the title says, let's see them whips guys!!

I'll start with some new pics of my ever expanding collection...

First a pic of the whole family.
First up is my 8 foot, 8plt Indy bullwhip in dark brown cowhide by Gus Caicedo at Pure Whips (bought this one second hand from Kiltie)
Below that one is another second hand Gus Caicedo whip, this time in 12 plt caramel colored Kip side (calf skin). This one is a bit unusual as it it constructed the same way you would make a nylon whip. The strands themselves are not tapered and are the same thickness as para-cord. All taper in the whip is achieved through strand drops. I'm thinking this may have been one of his earlier whips.
Here's a new addition I just received, a 6 foot whip from Todd's Costumes. What makes this special is that it is made out of 'Roo hide! Todd recently let the cat out of the bag that his current batch of whips are all made with kangaroo instead of the usual goat hide. The quility of this batch far exceeds any he has offered before. Unfortunately, once this are done, it is back to the goatskin. For $75, I could not pass this one up. Still needs some breaking in and a few tweaks to the fall/cracker, but, it cracks quite nicely. (There's a few left if anyone is interested).
Now for my personal favorite, my Crease-N-Corral Raiders model made by Dusty Damrel.
In my opinion, Dusty makes one of the nicest bullwhips and charges way too little for them.

The next two are a few of the ones I have made.
First up, my 7 foot, 16plt para-cord target whip with a 12" spring steel handle (a cut down cleaning rod off of a Mosin Nagant T53 Chinese rifle). The ferrule is copper and came from the plumbing section of home depot.

Last, is my first attempt at a leather whip. It's a shot loaded, 4 foot, 12 plt cowhide mini bull with a 5 inch handle. It didn't come out as bad as I thought it would, so, I'm going to try making a 7 footer next.

Now! Let's see what You have!


06-02-2012, 07:33 PM
I've had SO many whips over the years I wouldn't know where to start!!

Nowadays I only have the whips I make myself
Here are a few pics of some of them.

Here are two of mine with an 8ft Morgan

This one is I think a 10ft

Another 10ft

Another 10ft

A 10ft and an 8ft in saddle tan (the only whip I still own)

My most recent whip, 9ft (for sale)

I will have to dig around and see if I still have any pics of my old Morgans Strains and others.

06-03-2012, 03:45 AM
Another 10ft

I think I'm in love. ;)

Actually, I posted this in the Strain Whip thread (and I dislike cross-posting) but I hate ignoring a thread like this, so here it is again- my 10' Joe Strain bullwhip:

06-03-2012, 09:01 AM

Beautiful whips (as always!).
In the first pic, I assume the Morgan is the one with the tag.


Don't worry about cross posting, that JS is a work of art!

06-03-2012, 01:31 PM
Here's my first real whip... An 8-ft nylon whip by Tomek of COW.


I have made a few short nylon whips but they're all crappy looking. They do crack, but they're really ugly looking as I didn't have paracord and just used ordinary nylon cord (which, despite having no core, will not lay flat).

06-03-2012, 07:16 PM

Congrats on the new whip.
Tomek makes some nice looking nylon whips and I've never heard anything but good reviews.

Oildale Jones
06-03-2012, 08:27 PM
K-Wad, have you been holding out? Why did I think you only had one or two whips? That's a beautiful collection.

This will be a repeat for some of you...

From left to right, a cute little cowhide (red hide?) 5-footer I bought used for my son. An 8-foot Robert Dante/Wild West Whips 8-footer in natural tan goatskin (what Todd's Costumes was selling a while back). And my favorite, an 8-foot Crease N Corral cowhide KOTCS. This thing is a beast!


Here's the Wild West after some Pecard's, sunlight and time:


And my most recent acquisition: an Indy-style 10-footer in kangaroo hide from Todd's Costumes, with a new white hide fall from CNC.


Eventually I'll sell off the cheapies to fund an 8- or 10-foot Raiders from CNC or one of the newer "boutique" whipmakers.

06-04-2012, 02:59 PM
Thanks guys for your appreciation. When my summer exams end I will finally have time to plait some whips. Unless I've got an order, I'm planning to make a pair of 5ft stockwhips with some nice pattern and colors.

My precious whip is this one:





It's 10ft kip TOD whip by Italian whipmaker Emanuele Carmignani.

I have also 5ft roo stockwhip by my friend Kooniu and 5ft stockwhip by my other friend Kiscien.

06-05-2012, 07:56 PM
Great thread that reminds me I need to get out and exercise mine ( whip, that is, not thread...). I've now only got the Paul Stenhouse that I showed in my first post under Show Your Gear. Can't do any real tricks with it, 'sides cracking it straight on and a little bit side-arm, but I do have I good time picking leaves off the bushes.

Edit: K-Wad - I do get some seller's remorse pangs over that purewhips: I liked it better than the Stenhouse for fooling around, plus Gus is a good guy. But I had to subsidize my A2...