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Oildale Jones
06-02-2012, 09:31 AM
A few months ago, I won an auction for a used Crease N Corral 8-foot KOTCS whip in cowhide. I had it out a few times and was very gentle with it, but the last time I used it I noticed that there was some damage to the thong, and some strands had broken near the fall hitch.



I wondered if maybe I'd been too aggressive, or maybe a previous owner's too-generous application of dressing had compromised the leather. I emailed Dusty Damrel at Crease N Corral with pictures and asked what my options were. He replied—about 15 minutes later—that I could have it cut back and a new fall hitch tied, which would shorten the overall length, or I could have him unplait the first few feet of the whip and replait it with new strands, dye it to match and tie on a new white hide fall to replace the old red hide fall I'd kept blowing the tip off of.

I opted for new strands. I sent the whip to him and within just a couple of days he let me know it was finished. Already? A few days later (including Sunday and Memorial Day), my whip was back in my hands. Total time was just over a week. Amazing.


As Dusty wrote, this whip is getting "a second chance at a long life." I think he must use cloves in his plaiting soap, because this thing smells delicious. (His analysis was that a previous owner's use of the whip on concrete damaged it initially.)


I just wanted to express how pleased I am with the quality of Dusty's whip, and with his spectacular (and spectacularly fast) customer service. He will definitely be receiving more of my money in the future. Thanks!

06-02-2012, 09:55 AM
Wow! I wonder how he attached new strands... that is simply amazing!

I always thought once that happened the only option was to make the whip shorter. I didn't know you could replait it with new strands.

06-02-2012, 11:02 AM
That's great service :)

06-02-2012, 05:25 PM

Looking at those pictures, I'd agree with Dusty. Someone had been using that whip either over concrete (you can see in a couple spots some abrasion) or was hitting things he shouldn't have (anything with a sharp corner).
He did a great job replacing the strands.


In order to replace broken strands, the whip is upbraided past the point of the damage and new strands are cut with a small barb on the end. A new strand is laid up into the belly of the whip, then braided over about an inch or so. The broken strand is then cut off and the stubb is dropped into the belly to be plaited over. The new strand now takes the place of the broken one and regular braiding commences. This procedure is also used to make those super, extra long show whips (like those 100+ footers used to break world records).

Dusty is one of those guys that is still flying under the radar that deserves much more recognition than he is getting. A lot of whip collectors and crackers pass him by due to his unorthodox construction methods.

Some get hung up on the whole 2 bellies/2 bolster/overlay made of 'roo hide construction, mainly because it is what Morgan uses. Some actually think that deviation from this pattern produces an inferior whip. I say otherwise. Only inferior whip makers produce inferior whips.

Dusty is far from an inferiror whip maker.
His whips start with a 3 3/2, vinyl coated stainless steel cable that is covered in a series of tightly bound leather bolsters, each longer than the next (giving the whip an amazingly smooth taper). After the last bolster, the whole thing is overlayed in 12 plait, veg tanned 4oz cowhide. As there are zero air gaps in the core, this makes for an extremely dense, lively whip.

In addition to being a whip maker, Dusty is a great guy to deal with. Even though he has a full time job, he still finds the time to respond to email questions in a timely manner and is open to most any customer request. He actually seems to enjoy talking to his customers about their orders.

06-02-2012, 06:30 PM
Totally agree with you Oildale, Dusty is a really nice guy who makes quality whips at a fraction of what they should cost. I have a 10ft raiders and it's a work of art.

So glad he was able to fix your whip. That is some great service right there.

- Bish

Oildale Jones
06-02-2012, 09:17 PM
To echo what K-Wad said, this whip feels more "alive" than any of my others. (Springiness from the cable core?) Granted, none of my other whips measure up to this one, quality-wise, but this one is definitely heavier and easier to crack with less effort than the others. One day I would like to divest myself of the cheapies and have just a few really nice whips (this one's a keeper), and while I'm looking at Morgan and Strain for another Raiders, I'm also looking hard at CnC, and one of the newer "traditional construction" makers. I'd just like to get spend some time with a quality traditional whip so I can make an informed decision.