View Full Version : Marlboro Classics MCS leather jackets for sale !

10-27-2011, 10:56 PM
Hi ,I have another two great leather jackets from Marlboro Classics,now MCS(Valentino fashion group-Italy) for sale!
They are made with hight quality lambskin leather and were made in limitless quantity.
They are in new condition and cost more than 800€ each,one cost me 850€ and the other 912€(i keep their price tickets).
One is made in sanded lamb(medium size),you can read on his tag :
- lamb dyed in barrels with aniline.The garnement is sanded with a thin paper accross the entire surface,it is then waxed by hand using natural waxes,shined and drum treated.
And the other is made in waxed lamb(size large),you can read on his tag :
-aniline-dyed lambskin that is drum-dyed.The finished item is lightly washed,drum-dried,and then sanded,hand-waxed and polished.
All jackets are brown colors .
Like my Wested Hero i sale ,i can post by email the pictures and the measurements of theses beautiful jackets.
My prices:Medium jacket -399€-565$(free shipping for USA and Europe) and for the Large- size and 450€-638$(free shipping for USA and Europe).
My email is :
Thanks a lot,Georges

12-17-2011, 05:28 PM
Everything sold!