View Full Version : Credit Card Debaucle... Please Read!

09-27-2011, 06:19 PM
Hello all,
Some of you may have recived a similer message if you purchased anything from our site and paid with a credit card between September 6th and about 4pm the 26th.

We have just discovered that an incorrect setting on our new website has prevented it from processing any credit card payments from customers. :doh: The system has operated as if it were accepting payments, but no actual charges have been made to your credit card and no money has actually been recieved by us.

Your recent order was never really charged to your card. Please check your recent CC transactions for verification.

We are very sorry for this confusion, but we are asking all of our customers who have already received their merchandise to re-submit your payment.

1. Return to https://www.toddscostumes.com" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; and login to your account (the "My Account" link at the top of the page).
2. Click on "View Order Status".
3. Next to your order # please click the "reorder" button.
4. Complete the payment process again. It would be helpful if you could write "re-payment" or something like that in the "notes" box on the order payment page.

Other options are sending a paypal payment for the amount of your order or calling in you credit card.

That's it.

Q: What happened to the payment I made?
A: Nothing. No transaction was actually made at all. There is no security risk.

Q: What about my CC information? What happened to it?
A: Your information went to Authorize.Net, one of the leading CC payment processing companies. Authorize.Net did not use or save any of the information you entered. Your information was not lost - it was never saved at all. Your information was always secure with Authorize.Net.

Q: Am I going to be charged twice?
A: No. The first payment you made was not recorded by Authorize.Net, and no records were saved. To Authorize.Net, your order never existed.

Q: What about my shipping charges?
A: Please submit payment for the shipping you selected for your order. We paid the shipper to deliver your order. You will be reimbursing us when you pay the shipping charge this time.

We realize that this is a terrible inconvenience, and very confusing, but we trust that you will bear with us and submit payment for the merchandise you have recieved.

Please feel free to call us 661-242-2089, email us, or chat online at our site if you have questions.

www.ToddsCostumes.com (http://www.ToddsCostumes.com)