View Full Version : FS: Akubra Fed IV Deluxe 62

05-28-2011, 06:15 AM
I am selling my very first Indy hat, my Akubra Fed IV Deluxe in a size 62. I bought this hat from Hatsdirect a couple of years ago (I wanna say 2008). I really haven't worn it a ton... actually as I think about it, I think I have worn it only a couple of times. I really don't think the dimensions of this hat suit me very well. Plus it wasn't long after getting this hat that I received my first custom Penman.

In the years that I have owned this hat, it has been sitting around collecting dust for most of the time. I do brush it often so it stays pretty clean. Also, when I got it I didn't like how stiff the felt was, and wanted to make it more floppy. So I smashed it, rolled it up, and all kinds of stuff. The felt didn't suffer any damage, but it did get a lot softer. The sweatband did suffer, though, as the reed was bent in several different places, making it uncomfortable to wear it. So I decided I was going to take the reed out... and I did. I also took out the whole sweatband, liner, and undid the ribbon tack down stitches. I didn't mean to do that, but figured why not?

I have since put in new stitches on the ribbon (looks great!), and stitched in the liner (a big improvement over the original glue that was holding it in), and stitched in the sweatband... all by hand. I am really proud of the work I have done, and just wished I had a block and new liners, sweatbands, and ribbons to replace them with. Honestly, I think it is now better than when I bought it... but that might be my pride talking!

I also put in a good relaxed pinch bash into the hat, making it look very Last Crusade to me.

I am asking for $65 plus shipping (should be $10-20).

Some pics I just took: