View Full Version : Muffin-top Raiders hat question

04-25-2011, 02:23 PM
Sorry if this is a daft question...

I notice that when I put a hat stretcher into my AB it instantly takes on the muffin-topped look seen in parts of Raiders. Also the brim takes on the typical raiders look. Is the look simply down to the hat shrinking in the heat during filming and then being jammed tightly onto Harrisons head?

04-25-2011, 06:37 PM
Stretching a hat in the front and rear directions tends to distort the sides concavely and produce the SOC “mushroom” shape while also warping the brim. Consequently, there was some speculation that Ford was a long oval, thus leading to the distorted look. This also plays into some block shape theories as a long oval head would straighten the sides of a normally tapered hat (from a block with tapered sides) and accentuate brim warp, lending that distinctive Raiders look. IIRC Steve Delk has discounted that idea and confirmed that Ford is a regular oval.

If someone wants to visualize what’s described, simply hold a hat with the front facing you, then, with one hand centered on the sweat directly under the front pinch, pull the sweat outward (towards you), and simultaneously push the back of the sweat (at the bow) outward and away from you with the other. The sides will pucker inward and the brim will warp. If the hat has tapered sides this action tends to straighten them for a more Raiders like look.

One way to get the look without tightening the sweat or having a long oval head is to put some padding, paper towels or strips of cloth, under the sweat front and/or back to simulate a long oval head, though this isn’t very comfortable unless the hat is a bit oversize to begin with.

As to what caused it in the film djd, I'd say your guess is as good as anybodies.

- Mac