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  1. Tracking Jackets in Raiders
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  3. Offset sleeve back seam/yoke seam
  4. TOD Jacket (2 jackets used in Temple of Doom including the ROTLA Prototype Jacket)
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  14. The Bantu Wind "still" jacket
  15. ROTLA Main Hero Jacket (3 of 4 jackets used in Raiders)
  16. ROTLA Prototype Jacket (1 of 4 jackets used in Raiders. Also Main Hero jacket in TOD)
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  18. The biggest deceipt of the century
  19. One wild idea
  20. There is NO zipper gap........in The Imam and Main Hero Jackets
  21. The Device: Billowing Dust Jacket
  22. Quick Reply from Vic Armstrong
  23. Zippers
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  31. The Left Collar Stand of the Raiders Jacket
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  35. Of taper and cowhide
  36. Raven bar jacket
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  38. Yoke and Back Seam Alignments
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  42. Silver or Brass or Painted
  43. The Closet & Suitcase Jacket
  44. Let's bust some myths... No1.
  45. MB2: The arm seams.
  46. MB3: 'The LC jacket was cowhide'.
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  49. the calfskin myth
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  51. A pocket detail for consideration.
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  79. The collar
  80. the side straps
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