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  2. The mystery jacket
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  4. Announcement from Bill Kelso
  5. Leather Announcement
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  8. Bill Kelso MFG Co "Relic Hunter" eBay auction from the company itself.
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  12. Relic Hunters start shipping
  13. Relic Hunter will be a limited edition jacket
  14. TN CS in Ford size owners
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  16. Marketing Picture Question
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  19. New hides, new jackets
  20. New house model A-2 by Bill Kelso
  21. Raiders in premium horse hide
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  23. Sneak peak at Bill Kelso's new A-2 contract
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  25. Bill Kelso MFG co website down?
  26. New Relic Hunter in Victory horsehide
  27. BK Layer Cake Daniel Craig jacket
  28. New Victory horse A-2
  29. "Steranko" jacket by Bill Kelso MFG?
  30. What happened to the announcments of new products from Bill Kelso MFG Co here?!
  31. New products by BK
  32. New "weathered" lambskins for Relic Hunter
  33. and a teaser
  34. Discount offered on Relic Hunter striated lamb jackets
  35. New A-2 from BK
  36. Bill Kelso now offering lambtouch cowhide for "Relic Hunter"
  37. Relic Hunter in new goatskin
  38. New products
  39. New "Westfall" jacket
  40. BK presents "The Duke"
  41. BK presents the Aeronaut
  42. BK presents the "Star"
  43. Bill Kelso website update (new products)
  44. Holidays special
  45. More Christmas Special
  46. Friday the 13th Special Offer
  47. New Surrogates jacket from BK
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  50. Late Black Friday offer
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  52. Marlon Brando "The Wild One" jacket from original patterns
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