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  1. A box of Receipts or the word of a Gentleman?
  2. Neil Cooper and Raiders
  3. Exclusive Robert Watts & Julian Glover Interview for Fortune & Glory
  4. Payola
  5. Truth, Lies & Jessica Rabbit
  6. With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility
  7. Banned Camp
  8. Coordinated antagonism and baiting. An example
  9. Bait and Switch
  10. F&G Questions
  11. Gotta Go...
  12. Manuscripts and Stories Section?
  13. Asshole of the year award: Your nominees
  14. The Truth Matters: the archive
  15. Spin off from 'Bait and Switch'
  16. Under attack again
  17. Nuts
  18. Hanging up my fedora
  19. Do people not understand the need to vent?
  20. Who is that masked man?
  21. Following DJD's lead
  22. CZ75 Blank Fire Handgun Giveaway
  23. S.I.N tactic
  24. COW Dishonesty
  25. Issue between a buyer and seller
  26. Favour from someone with COW membership
  27. Hanging out with angry crazy people gets old
  28. A New Episode
  29. WoW
  31. So , what's this all about?
  32. The Actual Rules and How The Staff Breaks Them.
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  34. Change is Good?
  35. President about to speak!!!
  36. IndyLounge
  37. My COW story.
  38. What's up?
  39. He's baaack
  40. The Motorcycle
  41. Perpetuating myth
  42. Anyone ever use one of these?
  43. "Loud Mouth" on "other" sites
  44. Funny
  45. At it AGAIN! lol
  46. Todd Hayes - Libel against Propstore Indygear thread
  47. Free jackets
  48. Ballad of Sgt Hack
  49. More lies and smears
  50. Banned from IndyLounge
  51. Where'd he go?
  52. imo "Holt" is the biggest ..... on indygear
  53. Indygear is the unfriendliest site ever
  54. LOL. Sounds Familiar
  56. READ FIRST: Nukin' the Fridge's Purpose, Rules, and Warning
  57. It's Funny How Things Change
  58. Again shows he knows nothing
  59. Todd Hayes - COW Posts
  60. Bill Kelso - Todd Hayes & COW
  61. An honest proposal for fixing IndyGear/COW
  62. Thoughts and Realizations: Botwright didnt make the original Raiders Jacket
  63. Honestly...A little annoyed at this....
  64. Help, I am falling asleep, someone call Patterson
  65. Thought COW member "NES" was stepping away from hobby for a bit. Yeah, right.
  66. I'm not saying this is just "taking the piss"...But it is....
  67. That OTHER site doing a "Crystal Skull" jacket write up. SMH.
  68. Open Discussion regarding Penman Hats status as a vendor on F&G